2020 Moontime Diary - 2020 MTD How to Stay Healthy and Organised


A practical and sustainable way to stay healthy and organisedThe Moontime Diary 2020 is an annual publication specifically for Australia. It is interesting to mothers, gardeners, health care practitioners and Astrologers, lay people and professionals alike.Align your health treatments, home maintenance and gardening activities to the moon phases and seasonal cycles. Awareness of nature's seasons and cycles can help you make the most of your time, effort and resources, as well as lighten your ecological footprint. Gardeners who tend to their plants by the moon grow healthier and more resilient produce without the use of chemical fertilisers and herbicides. You can use the same principles for your own wellbeing, at home and at your work place.The Moontime Diary® is the only southern hemisphere diary which includes all the diary essentials and traditional knowledge plus extensive planetary details:Focus on health and wellbeing, home and gardenDaily, easy-to-follow tips aligned to the moon's position and phaseMoon void of course timesWeekly Astro Forecasts by Gisela StieglitzYearly Zodiac Forecasts by Narelle Duncan2020: Climate Change by Brian ClarkBeautiful zodiac illustrations by JohfraSuper and blue moons, eclipses, equinoxes and solsticesFertility and weening babies by the moonMenstruation calendar chartPagan observances Daily astrological aspects and interpretationsMonthly planetary tables including Black Moon Lilith, Chiron and North NodeDetailed Astrological Affinity Table and more...


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  • : Moontime Diary
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