Psychometric Tests for Dummies

Author(s): Liam Healy


Today's job market is tough; it's dog-eat-dog, ruthless and competitive. Preparation is essential if you want to get the edge. As psychometric testing becomes standard for blue-chip companies to one-man bands this For Dummies guide could mean the difference between success and failure. As the world of HR embraces psychometric testing, more and more people are faced with the daunting prospect of having to sit these mysterious exams. The tests have become the standard way in which employers judge abilities - your capacity to work with numbers, words and diagrams; your attainment - what you actually know; and your personality - how you're likely to act. Psychometric Testing For Dummies is the essential tool for being prepared and calm. The book takes readers step-by-step through each type of test, what to expect and how to prepare for them. It also offers over 850 sample questions to practice on. Psychometric Testing For Dummies makes these notoriously difficult and confusing tests easy. Psychometric Testing For Dummies includes:* Understanding why psychometric tests are used* Detailed examination of numerical, verbal, technical and abstract tests* Full explanation of personality tests* How to deal with feedback* Over 850 sample questions


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Liam Healy is a leading occupational psychologist who publishes psychometric tests for major organisations worldwide.

Introduction About This Book Conventions Used in This Book Foolish Assumptions How This Book Is Organised Part I: Testing Basics Part II: Finding Out About Different Types of Tests Part III: Getting Some Practise In: Sample Tests Part IV: The Part of Tens Icons Used in This Book Where to Go from Here Part I: Testing Basics Chapter 1: Understanding Psychometric Tests Identifying What Tests Measure Understanding intelligence and ability tests Understanding personality tests Working Fast, Working Hard: Speed Tests versus Power Tests Speed tests - smarties fast! Power tests - intellectual muscle Seeing How Tests Are Used in Practise Preparing to recruit How tests are administered How tests are scored and interpreted Predicting the future - did the test get it right? Distinguishing Test Myth from Test Fact Chapter 2: Setting Your Mind at Rest About Psychometric Tests Knowing What Tests Can Tell Recruiters About You Viewing the Process Positively Knowing What Makes a Good Test Recognising and Dealing With Dodgy Tests Sussing Out Your Administrator Chapter 3: Preparing For a Psychometric Test Getting Yourself Ready Arriving for the Test Dealing with Internet-based Testing Managing Your Stress Levels Sighing with Relief After the Test Chapter 4: Dealing with Feedback Understanding What Feedback Can Do Receiving Your Feedback Avoiding Common Pitfalls During Feedback Rescuing a Poor Test Performance During Feedback Checking the results are accurate Understanding how your strengths can impair test results Identifying factors that can affect your performance Asking for advice Turning Problems into Opportunities Applying the results to what you know about yourself Taking time to think things through Knowing Your Rights Part II: Finding Out About Different Types of Tests Chapter 5: Finding the Right Words: Verbal Ability Tests Understanding What Verbal Ability Tests Measure Dealing with spelling tests Dealing with grammar tests Dealing with comprehension tests Improving Your Verbal Ability Chapter 6: Doing Your Sums: Numerical Ability Tests Understanding What Numerical Ability Tests Measure Dealing with basic mathematical ability tests Dealing with numerical reasoning tests Improving Your Numerical Ability Chapter 7: Getting all Creative: Abstract Ability Tests Understanding What Abstract Ability Tests Measure Dealing with creativity tests Dealing with strategic thinking tests Improving Your Abstract Ability Chapter 8: Saying It Without Words: Technical Ability Tests Understanding What Technical Ability Tests Measure Dealing with mechanical ability tests Dealing with spatial ability tests Dealing with detail and accuracy tests Improving Your Technical Ability Chapter 9: Seeing the Real You: Personality Tests Understanding What Personality Tests Measure Dealing with personality tests Approaching Personality Tests Part III: Getting Some Practise In: Sample Tests Chapter 10: Verbal Ability Sample Tests Spelling Speed Test Spelling Power Test Grammar Test Comprehension Speed Tests Linking words Missing words Synonyms Antonyms Comprehension Power Test Chapter 11: Numerical Ability Sample Tests Numerical Ability Speed Test Numerical Ability Power Test Numerical Reasoning Speed Test Numerical Reasoning Power Test Chapter 12: Abstract Ability Sample Tests Creativity Speed Test Creativity Power Tests Odd one out Relationships Strategic Thinking Test Chapter 13: Technical Ability Sample Tests Mechanical Ability Test Spatial Ability Speed Test Spatial Ability Power Tests Rotating three-dimensional objects Constructing three-dimensional objects Detail and Accuracy Speed Tests Test 1 Test 2 Detail and Accuracy Power Test Chapter 14: Personality Assessment Sample Tests Personality Tests Long question format Long format scoring Short question format Short format scoring Interpreting Your Results Part IV: The Part of Tens Chapter 15: Ten Things to Remember for the Test Session Don't Be Late Bring Your Own Kit Look After Yourself Take the Test Seriously Pay Attention to Instructions Ask Questions Before the Test Begins Make Sure That You Understand the Examples Know Your Limits Use Your Time Well Keep Your Chin Up Chapter 16: Ten Calming Thoughts to Keep in Mind You Are Who You Are You're Not in the Last Chance Saloon Psychometric Tests Are Fair Recruiters Should Be Well Trained Nobody's Perfect Positivity Pays Off You're Probably Better Than You Think Knowledge Doesn't Count You're Always Better Off After a Test Tests Are Good Things! Index

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